Safe Dogs,
Healthy Dogs,
Happy Dogs.

The Frog & Dog, secure field for dogs, was set up over the coronavirus pandemic period. We noticed a huge uptake in local dog ownership and saw many new faces walking down the lane. We wanted to provide dog owners the ability to continue exercising their dogs without concerns of meeting strangers in a safe environment, ensuring dog health and mental well being was not harmed amongst the ongoing virus.

Please note that people will may walk down the road while you are using the field. 

The Field

Freedom to run.

The field provides lots of space for dogs to run and play in.

The grass is mowed weekly to keep the grass short, reducing slip hazards from long, wet grass.


Have a rest.

A large picnic table with six seats and a wheelchair friendly space. Have a seat while your dogs run around.

Agility Equipment

A Hop. A Skip. A Jump.

Jumps and weaving poles add enrichment to your dogs' play time.

The agility equipment helps strengthen your dog's muscles; improve co-ordination; increase endurance and best of all, keep them fit.

Why Use a Secure Dog Walking Field?

  • Reduced chance of contact with strangers during the current pandemic.
  • Training recall skills can be hindered in public places where distractions may be too overwhelming for dogs.
  • No risk of other people’s dogs harming your own, we’re glad to provide a safe space for your puppers who may have anxiety around others.
  • No fear of livestock. Dogs love rural walks, but livestock in fields can be precarious for some dogs.

West Lancashire has many beautiful parks and we know that dogs love to run free. The Public Space Protection Order enacted by the West Lancashire council, limits the spaces where dogs are allowed at all and off leads.

For the most recent dog control measures, please visit the West Lancs Council website

Local parks in west Lancashire where dogs must be kept on a lead.