Why Use a Secure Field?

Secure and enclosed dog walking fields have grown in popularity for many reasons.

  • They allow full time dog walkers to exercise many dogs at once without fear of them running away
  • With no distractions, pet owners can focus on training their dogs much easier without interruptions
  • Dogs who are anxious around others can struggle in public areas when stranger dogs approach
  • They provide full peace of mind in rural areas where chasing livestock may be a concern or you want to let your dog off a lead but are scared of nearby cars

Entrance to the field with the secure gate and signs welcoming dogs

Local Parks where dogs must be kept on a lead

Within west Lancashire there is a Public Space Protection Order where dogs must be kept on a lead or are banned entirely in some areas with the possibility of a £75 fixed penalty for breaking these rules. This is unfortunate for dog walkers who have public parks on their door step but are unable to let their dogs off their lead at all. By visiting The Frog & Dog, you can let the dogs run as they wish.

For the most recent and updated list of public parks where dogs on leads is required, please view the west Lancashire website.(westlancs.gov.uk/dogcontrol)