Constructing The Frog & Dog

The fencing is being installed to make the field secure.

During the coronavirus pandemic there was a large uptake in local dog ownership and we wanted to be able to accomodate lots of the new friendly faces we saw walking down the lane.

From the beginning, we wanted to the field to be as secure as possible to relieve dog walkers of as much stress as possible. In particular for those new dogs and their owners.

The fencing was professionally installed over a week and includes around 350m of fencing. We opted to use 1.9m boar netting as it is some of the strongest available and will be able to withstand most dog breeds. Unlike some livestock netting, this netting does not have sharp wire on the joints which is important to the welfare of the dogs’ coats. Many dogs like to dig , so we buried the netting 10cm in the ground around the field, ensuring they can’t escape

The fencing is being installed to make the field secure.
A mini digger is used to dig a trench around the field, this allows the netting to be buried to prevent dogs from escaping.
A nail gun is used to attach the netting to the posts.

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